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Keyanna Peters, Ed.S, LPC-S, NCC

Chief Executive Officer​

Welcome! I am Keyanna Peters and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor (#3451) and a specialist in clinical mental health. I am  the owner of Stepping Stones to Success  Counseling, which is a private counseling firm located in Anniston and Oxford, Alabama,  designated to providing a network of licensed clinicians to assist populations in need of emotional healing.

  I am a graduate of Jacksonville State University where I received my Bachelor’s of Social Work, Master’s of Science in Community Agency Counseling and an Education Specialist degree in Clinical Mental Health. I have dedicated the last 13 years to working with  strong-willed and out of control youth, adolescent recovery in drug addiction, parent education and support, couples counseling, trauma, sexual abuse, emotional conflicts and  mental disturbances.

My current focus  is assisting women and families with interpersonal relationship concerns, parenting barriers, workplace conflicts and life transition issues.  My approach to therapy is always centered around the client's needs. I encourage an environment of transparency and authenticity so the process of growth can begin.  Let's face it! The truth hurts, but it must be unveiled in order to start the healing process. I can't promise you that this journey will  be easy. However,  I am  willing to stand alongside you, as we take each step  together towards a stronger and healthier YOU!   

"Everyone has the ability to manifest into a better version of themselves. Each individual has an opportunity to experience trials and tribulations in life, coping in a manner that allows for positive growth and increased self-awareness. Using obstacles to better yourself and reach your goals has to be one of the most empowering things you can do as a human"

-Keyanna Peters, Ed,S, LPC, NCC

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